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About Rolex Datejust series

December 1, 2015 Comments Off on About Rolex Datejust series

10Rolex Datejust Replica series has been launched as early as 1945, these watches also use oyster watchcase, five bead type chain belt and belongs to a gentleman’s style, but at that time designed with gold material, For now, we can see Cyclops magnification was added until 1955 this become a feature of Datejust and In use today

In 2009, Rolex Date-just was comprehensive optimizing quality upgrade, mainly on the size and movement, including original 36 mm rise to 41 mm of modern men’s watch, but it is interesting to note that the original 36 mm size continues to produce, but now is like classified into female watches design. Besides, the groove bezel design amplified as a characteristic for new Datejust II, the main reason is magnify the table circle must let the bezel with bold. However, Datejust II is only have the groove ring version at present, as for no groove circle design; you can choose from the original Datejust.

One of the most important upgrade is the new movement of Datejust II 3136, This is the first time to equipped with Paraflex shock absorbers after Parachrom, the new to join the movement of escapement device parts, Rolex said the whole element of Paraflex is exactly similar with the Gabriel shock, just use different shape design cover structure at the top of the shock, the line is the conclusion of study and careful calculation which can offer fifty percent performance higher than in the past of shock.

The chain belt of Datejust II comprehensive use three type designs, the original five beads type no longer used; the watch button use the regulate patent Glidelock system is convenient for the wearer to fine-tuning the details. This swiss replica watches with silver plate and green label is the most visual effect of a Datejust II, In the past, Rolex never Specially marked what style is to commemorate version and only launched with the new, such as 16610LV, 116718LN、 118348, etc., but you can found in different surface plate design. For the collection market, the special design is valuable of Rolex watches.